Who are Sarasota Students 4 Climate?

Founded in solidarity with the first global climate on March 15th, 2019, we have continued to push the envelope for climate justice to this day, motivating and growing the youth environmental movement in Sarasota through school strikes, art installations, live streams, lobbying, and building a network and community where young people can feel comfortable to explore their feelings and anxiety around the climate crisis.

Meet the Team

Photo of Ella

Ella Mirman (she/they)
Founder, Climate Activist In-Chief
March 2019

Ella is in 12th grade at Booker High School’s Visual and Performing Arts program and dual enrolled part time at University of South Florida. They have served on the board of Florida Youth Climate Strike as the central FL Outreach Director and is currently the co-lead of logistics there. They began Sarasota Students 4 Climate in March 2019 with a cardboard sign and a will to mobilize Sarasota youth and politicians to act on the climate crisis. Since then she has orchestrated 50+ climate strikes, events and livestreams involving thousands of students and adults. She now oversees a student team of over ten wonderful high school students.

Photo of Devin

Devin Gulliver (he/him)
Director of Information Systems
March 2019

Devin is a freshman at Pine View School for the Gifted. He has been with Sarasota Students 4 Climate since its birth, and has brought his aptitude for programming with him to the climate activism scene. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, he's helped orchestrate alternatives to climate strikes, such as YouTube livestreams and email campaigns, with great success. Currently, Devin writes this website's code by hand to serve it on Google's carbon-neutral infrastructure.

Photo of Mehak

Mehak Sandu (she/they)
Art Director
June 2020

Mehak is a sophomore at Booker High School. She had heard of Sarasota Students 4 Climate through some of her friends. She knew she immediately had to join because she is passionate about fighting climate change. She jumped right in summer of 2020, and has actively been working in the group ever since. Along with her co-director Alanna, she oversees incorporating art into climate installations, strikes and displays to creatively advocate for our planet.

Photo of Mahitha

Mahitha Ramachandran (she/her)
Communications Director
May 2020

Mahitha is in 10th grade at Pine View School and has been part of Sarasota Students 4 Climate since May 2020. She combines her passions for writing and the climate movement in her role as a climate writer for Florida Youth Climate Strike, in which she works with students across the state to produce regular written content about the climate crisis. She also writes for her school newspaper, The Torch, and is the section editor for the Sci&Tech section. Mahitha loves working with the SS4C team to mobilize Sarasota youth and promote local and state action on the climate crisis. She believes the fight for climate justice is the most consequential fight of our lives.

Photo of Amanda

Amanda Koren (she/her)
Ready for 100 Sierra Club Campaign Liaison
February 2021

Amanda is a junior at Riverview High School. Her growing awareness of climate change inspired her to become an active member in her community. She has been involved with Girl Scouts for 12 years now and has lead many projects including a toy drive aiming to upcycle gently used toys and donating them to title one schools, to keep perfectly lovely toys out of landfills and into the arms of children. Her expanding awareness of climate and animal injustices around the globe inspired her to transition to a plant-based vegan diet. Amanda recognizes that political activism is a way to raise both awareness and exert pressure. She looks forward to participating with Sarasota Students 4 Climate to facilitate urgent changes starting in her own community.

Photo of Anja

Anja Schwarzbauer (she/her)
Director of News and Media Relations
September 2020

Anja is a sophomore at Sarasota High School and is enrolled in the AICE and MaST programs. Through these programs and her involvement at school, Anja has developed notable experience in researching environmental issues from a political perspective. She joined Sarasota Students 4 Climate in August of 2020 with a goal of working with their team to make a difference in both local and state government. She has since taken over the responsibilities of the bi-weekly newsletter and is an active member of SS4C’s Ready for 100 outreach team. She is excited to grow with the organization and continue acting on the climate crisis!

Photo of Sama

Sama Younis (she/her)
Press Director
April 2020

Sama is in 12th grade at Booker High School. She went to her first climate strike September 21st, 2019 and joined Sarasota Students 4 Climate in April, 2020. She has served as the Press Director, writing and sending in press releases since October 2020.

Photo of Alanna

Alanna Hutton (she/her)
Art Director
June 2020

Alanna is a 10th grader at Booker High School's Visual and Performing Arts Program. She joined Sarasota Students 4 Climate in June 2020 with the aim to intersect climate activism with art. She now works with Mehak as an Art Director and hopes to continue organizing art-related events to promote environmental policy.

Photo of Gabriele

Gabriele Navickis (she/her)
Outreach and Networking Director
February 2021

Gabriele is a freshman at Pine View School for the Gifted. She works on staying connected with local and state level politicians, organizations, and businesses. Her position also entails reaching out and developing our network of youths and allies fighting against climate change.

Photo of Alma

Alma Dasberg (she/her)
Communications Director
May 2020

Alma Dasberg is a sophomore at Booker High School and co director of communications for SS4C . She became involved in local climate activism after attending multiple climate strikes in Sarasota. She is also involved in social justice initiatives where she hopes to stress the importance of climate work in social issues and vice versa.

Photo of Lily

Lily Quartermaine (she/her)
Director of Social Media
February 2021

Lily is a sophomore at Pine View School which she has attended since grade 2. She is an avid member of Pine View’s journalism team, and writes stories and creates illustrations for the website, the elementary paper, and the high school paper. She is passionate about climate change because of her father, Ben Quartermaine, who works as a stormwater engineer and has always had a care for the environment. She is a newer member of the SS4C team, but is just as excited nonetheless.

All photos courtesy of their respective member.

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